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Urban Walker

The Urban Walker is a lightweight parent facing stroller suitable from newborn by Combi. It is an extremely robust and compact pushchair loaded with features typically found in big heavy prams. With a quick flip of the reversible handle, it can be easily converted into parent facing mode. Perfect for parents who want a versatile and luxurious pushchair. Suitable from newborn to 20kgs*. Weight 7.2kgs

  • Dimensions when Open: 84cm x 48.6cm x 102.5cm
  • Dimensions when Folded : 37cm x 48.6cm x 96cm

*(From birth up to max. 15 kg (EN1888 tested) – 5 kg additional load (tested by Intertek)
Includes Free Footmuff and Free Delivery.


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Reversible Stroller - Parent Facing

Perfect for having your baby face you. Or not. You choose.

Interact with your baby easily with a quick flip of the handle in parent facing mode, or have your toddler face out to the world. Either way, it takes just seconds to suit your parental needs without disturbing your little one.

No more… having to lift a heavy seat (with your baby in it) just to turn it around to face another way.

Easy One Hand Open / Fold

Perfect for parents on the move

A genuine one hand open/fold function collapses or opens the pushchair in seconds with minimum fuss. This truly easy function means that you can hold baby with one hand and open or collapse the pushchair with the other.

No more… having to wrestle to close a pushchair in the rain!

Self Standing when Folded

Easy on your back when opening or folding

Easy on your back as you do not have to bend to open or collapse the pushchair. It is easy to store at home, when using public transport or at a café as the pushchair supports itself in an upright position.

No more… diving to catch a pushchair that is about to fall into a puddle as you put the kids into their car seat!

Easy to Move when Folded

Easy to move even while folded

Convenient to relocate when folded by pulling or pushing on the handle and using the rear wheels for support. Great when in small, tight and busy places as the compactness is maintained and there is no need to lift or open meaning you will always have one hand free.

No more… having to lift or open the stroller to move from place to place


Perfect for that tiny boot

Ideal for small cars with small boots. It sits perfectly out of the way in cramped closets and tiny hallways, and is great for zipping through narrow aisles in shopping malls.

No more… having to take apart an entire pushchair to get it to fit that tiny space in your boot!

Continuous Curved Comfortable Handle

Perfect for steering with one hand

Padded handles add extra comfort to manoeuvrability.This makes the pushchair easy to operate with one hand.

No more… gulping down your lemonade when you leave the café… Just take it with you – drink with one hand. Push with the other.

Five-point Safety Harness

Easy to put together, even with a wriggling infant.

Excellent retention and safety for baby. Soft, round edged harness means extra comfort for your baby that will not irritate their skin. There are adjustable shoulder and waist straps, with a wide crotch harness. The harness is easy to put together as you can secure each side separately, and the quick release mechanism makes taking baby out very easy.

No more… catching your finger trying to put your screaming toddler into a pushchair!

Multi-position Seat Recline

Perfect for baby’s comfort when looking out or lying back.

Drawstring to adjust recline from upright to almost flat. Simple and easy to use to adjust to a recline that suits you and your baby. This makes it easy on baby as it doesn’t jar baby’s back like those that traditionally “click in place”.

No more… accidentally waking up your baby if she falls asleep and you need to adjust the seat.

XXL Canopy & Viewing Window

Perfect coverage for those long naps.

Extra large canopy to protect baby from the elements, which is 95% UV resistant. It pulls forward easily, and stays in various positions thanks to adjustable clips. It locks firmly in place so it provides protection even on windy days.

The Peekaboo viewing window allows you to check in on your sleeping infant should you wish to, in both forward facing and parent facing modes. Clips provide an added bonus of holding the viewing window up so you don’t have to, or simply leave it down if you want to leave baby undisturbed.

No more… having to cover the hood of your pushchair with a cloth trying to get your baby to sleep.

Flexible Front Safety Bar

Perfect for those babies that love to sit up and look out at the world.

The safety bar means baby can sit right up and look out of the pushchair whilst being adequately restrained. The soft and flexible bumper means that baby will not get hurt if they bite or kick.

No more… sore gums when your baby decides to chew on the front bumper.

Large Basket

Perfect for easy access even when baby is asleep.

Great size basket that is big enough for all your baby care needs. Easy to access, even when the seat is fully reclined.

No more… having to adjust the seat upright (and risk waking a sleeping baby) to access your wallet that is sitting in the storage basket.

Hand Brake

Perfect for holidays.

No fuss hand brakes make it easier and quicker to engage.

No more… struggling with brakes when you wear open toe shoes.

Front Suspension

Perfect for a comfortable ride.

Front suspension designed to flex and absorb bumps, making the ride smoother and more comfortable for your baby. Swivel wheels have a lock option, so it is easier to manage on rough ground. Excellent performance along pavements.

No more… struggling along uneven ground.

Extendable Seat Support

Perfect for baby lying flat.

In-built seat extenders provide extra support for babies. The solid seat base means that it will not sag even after years of use.

No more… dangling legs when your baby falls asleep.

High Handle Bars

Perfect for tall parents.

High handle bars along with wide-set wheels makes pushing comfortable for tall parents.

No more… stooping!

Soft Breathable Fabrics

Perfect for keeping baby cool in summer and warm in winter.

Super soft, breathable fabric, with extra padding on the seat to provide a more comfortable ride. The fabrics are removable and hand washable.

No more… uncomfortable, hot, sweaty baby on those rare summer days.

Extra Long Seat

Perfectly designed to grow with your child.

No more.. having to purchase any other pushchair when your baby grows!

See it in Action

The Urban Walker converts to a parent facing pushchair in a matter of seconds with just a quick flip of the handle. See it in action.