Based on the idea that parenting is a ‘combi-nation’ of parent and child, ¬†we first started developing baby products over 50 years ago. Our product design and innovation is largely influenced by feedback from parents that are enhanced and realised by a team of experienced designers, engineers and medical experts. Our fundamental philosophy has not changed after all these years. It is still to innovate, design and manufacture superior baby products that make parenting life easier and more enjoyable and resultantly make your baby’s life happy, safe and comfortable.


280 hurdles to deliver safety

A baby’s safety is one of the most important aspects of parenting. Combi products comply with strict safety requirements that thoroughly test all aspects of baby products from materials used to design, function and durability.

Combi is never satisfied with current safety levels and is in constant pursuit of further improving the safety, reliability and quality of all of its products.

? Did You Know

Each Combi stroller needs to pass more than 280 individual tests before we feel that it is safe enough to be sold to you.


Comfort is made from the voices of 110,000 people

In pursuit of comfort, all aspects of design need to be reviewed and enhanced to ensure they are of the highest quality. Combi is constantly reviewing its quality and comfort levels by listening to the voices of scientists as well as many Combi customers.

? Did You Know

In Japan alone, Combi takes over 110,000 calls per year from parents who have excellent ideas for making the products even better. We share this feedback with all Combi divisions from R & D to sales to ensure that the best end product is designed and delivered.


For aspiring parents, having a baby is a dream come true

Having a baby truly makes you appreciate the simple things in life like health, family and happiness.

At Combi, we believe that having a baby is a “Dream” and our vision if to provide an ideal environment through the provision of wonderful parenting products to allow all Combi parents to pursue this “Dream”