Combi Project 1 – dacco seat


The dacco* seating system is an innovative cushion that provides support to the baby’s head, body and hips. It is designed to keep the baby’s spine and neck both vertically and laterally aligned and also prevents the baby’s hips from sliding forwards while seated. In addition, it serves to create a ‘cuddling’ effect. This technology was developed after extensive research and collaboration between Combi engineers, scientists and qualified paediatricians. The dacco seating system is featured in a number of Combi products such as the Ricco W & Miracle Turn DX Strollers.

*dacco is a Japanese word meaning to hold gently, or cuddle.



Combi Product 2 – Eggshock


Combi is in constant pursuit of safety as well as comfort. In doing so, in 1998, it developed EggShock. EggShock is an ultra shock absorbent cushioning that features in several luxury Combi products. It is an incredible material that is best demonstrated by an experiment where an object is dropped onto EggShock padding from a height of 15cm. The test results depicted in the graph below show that EggShock absorbs considerably more shock than other cushioning technology. And given most baby product makers only use basic padding such as foam, EggShock is considerably better. EggShock Alpha was later developed and even further increased the shock absorption properties advancing it’s benefits even further.




EggShock Test Data

Data collected from experiments where a metal object was dropped from a height of 15cm confirm EggShock offers 30% better shock absorption than non-EggShock padding.


Lower readings indicate better shock absorption.